My main focus while getting my degree was ceramic art. I enjoy making functional pieces that still lean into my background in sculpture. My work is meant to be fun and light hearted and occasionally explores the ideas of gender and sexuality.

Valentine Studios Winged Mugs Series 1 Version 1 Run of 50

Glazed Porcelain 2022

Double Winged Mug

Prototype for The Series 1 Version 1 Mugs 2021

Blue Pine Imprinted Teapot

Glazed Stoneware 2019

A Woman Who Looks Like My Wife

A Man Who Looks Like Me

The Lovers Series 2019

The lovers series includes two nearly to-scale torso shaped plant pots: "A Woman Who Looks Like My Wife" Glaze, Underglaze, and Acrylic on Stoneware 2019 and "A Man Who Looks Like Me" Underglaze on Red Clay 2019. These sculptures are considered the artist magnum opus in their final year of college and celebrate the bodies of transgender people.

Heart Shaped Ring Dishes

Glazed Porcelain 2022

Bean Toe Bowl

Glazed Stoneware 2019

Shot Glasses

Collection 2019-2022

Unconventional Handles

Glazed Stoneware 2019

Ocean Mug

Glazed Stoneware 2019


Glazed Stoneware Cookie Jar 2019

Garden Child 3

Plant Pot Acrylic on Porcelain 2019


Glazed Stoneware and B-Clay 2019

Teacups and Small Mugs

Glazed Stoneware and Marbled B-Clay 2019


Glazed Stoneware and B-Clay 2019


Glazed Stoneware and B-Clay 2019